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Tuesday night my boyfriend stayed over. The morning cuddles were top notch. I am usually a little annoyed he's coming over on the day he's coming over and super sad he's gone and miss him for a couple days after he leaves. He visits weekly. Our visits would be nicer if I missed him on the days he arrives.

We're talking about getting a place together again. We lived together for 6 of our 8 years. Recently back together and have been living apart about a year. I think we're ready to take that leap again.

Plus I've been ready to move from my mom's house since the day I moved in. I moved in because I was lonely and struggling. I'm still struggling. I'm definitely not as lonely. However I do face near daily naggings. She has this way of calling my name out when she's on a roll for nagging that pierces my heart with dread. Anyway I am excited about moving in with him. Our options are small, but our hopes are high.

School will be put off for a little while for me over sixty bucks. I'm so annoyed by that. My pell grant will only cover anything if I take at least 12 credit hours. The first class at Baker Online, which is mandatory and can only be taken alone, is only a 3 week course, only costs sixty bucks and only stands in the way of my education and my student loan. It's the stupidest road block. And COL 112 is all about success in online learning. I am annoyed.

I haven't slept since yesterday's nap. I'll have some breakfast and try again. I hate having insomnia. At times it feels like my body very nearly is asleep and my mind is just spinning inside my head like a gravitron.

Food then sleep.

Good day to you, sir!


Good for you and your boyfriend! Sorry to hear about the mom business. I have insomnia too and sometimes it's very much like what you described due to the voices. I was last hospitalized because it felt like every time I would just start to fall asleep the voices would wake me up to get me to talk to them. It was annoying as all hell and I was cursing up a storm lol.

February 2015

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