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On Feb. 19 I started taking classes with Baker College online. Well, it's just class right now. The introductory and mandatory 3 week course titled Success in Online Learning. I just finished my first week with a B. I'm only mildly disappointed that I didn't earn an A...I knew where I was slacking off. It's the tests. They're multiple choice, and while I could totally find the information in another tab I still missed 7 test questions. Bad me. I'm a perfectionist in my mind and a slacker in reality. But I will be satisfied with B's. I got myself all tied up in knots and frustrated when I'd accept no less than an A from myself.

I'm glad to finally have something to say when folks ask what I've been up to. I've been in school. I'm studying. Oh me? I'm a student now. Much preferable to the "Uh...not much." I was dealing out before.

The school has certain requirements that annoy and make no sense to me. For instance I have to use the Chrome browser. I wasn't happy with IE, however I didn't get popups either. I just tweaked my Chrome settings so it should be better, but I've still got one that attaches itself to most pages. Those are the worst kind! What even are you! You're not long for this world, little peel back in the corner of my screen - I will be researching your destruction momentarily. Enjoy your last moments.

The day before yesterday I awoke to 2 inches of water covering over half of my little basement home. Luckily nothing of was ruined, and nothing of value got damaged. However waking up instantly followed by using every blanket I own followed by all the dirty towels in the laundry room to mop up the basement sea was unsavory, to say the least.

Also that day my box fan died in a cloud of dying motor scent. Why is it always the middle of winter when I need a new box fan? I sleep with a light breeze on my face accompanied by white noise. That's my lullaby. I've had this one for probably at least 5 years and have been using it nightly and all too often forgetting to turn it off during the day. Lasko fan, you were good to me.

Also that day my mom and sister got into it and my mom screamed, "Fuck you!" to my sister and hung up. There was of course a lot more to it. My sister was arguing aggressively. Still. I asked mom to apologize to my sister for being so harsh. I asked my sister to go more lightly on mom. They're cool now but I detest tension in the house. Or being around tension and aggression at all. They are triggers for me.

Oh now the plumbers are here. I'm glad they're family. But it's still a bit odd of a feeling having them running around my space. Dealing with my sewage. Oh, the flood was clean water btw, and thankfully. Now it's snake time. That thing is a monstrosity. Glad they're handling it, and hoping it won't be wicked expensive.

My boyfriend and I are starting to look for a mobile home that I hope to buy with my student loans. Hopefully in an area close enough for him to keep his job while searching for another one. But definitely not in the neighborhood he works at.

Okay I thought it was odd that my mom and sister both call each other and me in the same house. But I made by far my most odd call just now by calling my sister and asking her to flush the toilet upstairs. Out of context that'd be hard to understand.

And I nearly wish I hadn't gotten high before they arrived because the noise from the snake machine is keeping me tense. Clang clang clang, toilet flush, water running, clang clang clang.

Oh and the day of the basement flood my mom put the household on water lock-down. No showers or laundry, but still do the dishes and use the bathroom, etc. She was positive the washer would cause another flood. Or that the shower would. It was what mom and my sister's fuck you argument was over. So...we've been sneaking showers, and mom keeps saying she took a whore's bath. Which is a term I used to like. But hearing my mom say it 4 times really took the flavor from that one for me.


February 2015

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