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For the last 10 months I've been living in my mom's basement. It's cold down here, and the spiders do not appreciate my presence. I told my cat that his job is to kill all insects and critters. I've seen less of them since feline and I had that chat.

Today I rearranged my little basement apartment. Everything was still in the first spots I claimed for things, so it was not very flowing. I like the new set up, though I must admit to looking over my shoulder in this corner a lot since the biggest cobwebs came from where I'm sitting.

Thank goodness for my sister who lives on the top floor with her girlfriend. Mom pays her 5 bucks off rent to clean my room weekly. Today she earned 10 with all the rearranging and cleaning under where things were. I almost said I'd clean my room for the discount, but...I wouldn't. Every couple weeks mom seems to have a household or car project she'll pay for. Sis got the last one, painting the bathroom.

Let he who is without sin throw the first stoner.

Although I prefer joints over any other pot smoking variety, I find myself sticking to bowls more and more. It's just economical. While I smoke joint after joint wanting more (and running out way too soon), I tend to forget I'm smoking a bowl and it lasts me a lot longer than one (or two) joints ever could. Plus I'm poor and a screen for the bowl is a few cents versus a dollar for papers. Every penny counts, right? The annoyance is that I never get stoned when I'm bowl smoking unless I'm diligent about doing it quickly and smoking back to back bowls.

Most days I don't do much at all. Some days I watch Netflix. Some days I do the dishes. I don't think I've eaten yet today, I should do that after I do this.

At the end of the month I start Baker Online. I have a smidge of experience with online schooling. I can't wait for class to start, I'm eager to learn. The first class which lasts the entire first session is about success in the online format. While I can understand why it's a mandatory class, I'm not entirely cool with it being mandatory to take it alone. It's one class on taking online classes. Hopefully I'll still be as eager to learn when the next session begins.

And whooboy am I looking forward to those loans! I've never done student loans before, but I'm in the hole and the student loan hole, though bigger, is far off into the future. And probably has a job at it. I specifically chose web design because it's something I can do from home. I'm a homebody. So hopefully the hole I dig for myself in student loans will be eventually fillable with the income I can earn from home after my degrees. I should be good as long as the internet is still a thing, and I don't see that changing.

Damn it, I lit a cigarette in the middle of my bowl. Again. See what I mean? I just forget I'm smoking it. This method does keep me mellow longer. It's just that I wanna get high. Not buzzed, not feeling okay, high. Oh well. When my significant other comes by we smoke blunts. I get high with my S/O and mellow on my own. Why do I feel like I could make a song out of this little story?
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What kind of classes are you taking?
Well I got my class list yesterday and it's only the one class on taking online classes, but the notice also says that I'm not taking enough classes to qualify for my financial aid. So now I'm thinking that I need to call my counselor tomorrow and get some classes added.

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